New 2022 Puffin Program Dates Announced

We are excited to announce that we have added more Puffin Program dates for summer 2022. We love Puffins!
The Puffin Program provides participants, ages 8-11, with all of the laughter, learning, fun and friendship of Camp Chewonki, concentrated into 10 amazing days!

Girls Camp

Camp Chewonki for Boys – Puffin Program
1a – June 26 – July 5
1b – July 9 – July 18 – NEW!
2a – July 22 – July 31

Camp Chewonki for Girls – Puffin Program
1a – June 26 – July 5
2a – July 22 – July 31
2b – Aug. 4 – Aug. 13 – NEW!

Our Puffin Program fosters development and provides an environment and structure that watches campers become more self confident. Puffins live in cabin groups of 8-10 with two cabin leaders. The program is a good balance of fun, knowledge and experience with daily camp activities such as outdoor living skills, farm and food systems, natural history, watercraft, and visual arts, along with the opportunity for free choice and general swim. Their experience culminates in a 3-day saltwater canoe camping trip, traveling to a campsite around Chewonki Neck. Their return to camp is celebrated by the community with a campfire and feast.

Upcoming Events:

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