Dear Camp Families,

Happy May! I write this on a beautiful sunny day in Maine, which is a welcome break from the spring rain we’ve had and need. Camp is fast approaching and we’re working hard to get ready for another amazing summer. 

As you prepare for summer, we want to highlight a couple of key pages on our website. The main attraction: the packing list! We have full packing lists for overnight camp and each individual Leadership Expedition. My big tips for successful packing for camp are to make sure everything (and I mean everything) is labeled and to include your camper in the packing process. I remember helping my mom iron in my name label onto all of my clothing each spring and it helped the coming of camp feel more real and exciting. Now there are some amazing different methods for labeling like super sticky stickers in addition to the old school methods. Including your camper in deciding what comes to camp will help them mentally prepare for their adventure and helps them know specific items they have to be accountable for at camp. 

We’ve also updated our COVID-19 Health and Safety Information page for Summer 2023. Please make sure to thoroughly review this information for the most up to date information. We don’t foresee making any big changes before summer, but given that the COVID reality is still ever-changing, we will update this sheet should anything change. 

In May, we’ll be hosting a couple of zoom events to help you and your campers prepare for summer. We’ll send an email out with dates and links to register soon. For parents and guardians of campers, we’ll host a zoom focused on homesickness and how to talk with your camper about missing home while at camp. We’ll also host separate zooms for Boys & Nonbinary Camp and Girls & Nonbinary Camp for campers and their families during which you’ll get to meet more members of the camp team, play some games, and meet other campers! 

We’re so excited for the summer and can’t wait to have you all here soon!


Katie & Jen

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