From Owlympics to Starch Madness, We Make Our Own Fun!

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Hello camp families,
The start of Second Session has flown by- somehow we have ten full days of camp left this summer! 

This past Sunday our Puffin campers departed after an exciting and action packed ten days. While many of our Westside Heron cabins have been on trip, the Owls have been enjoying regular activities and an “Owlympics” special event day. On Eastside, the Tamarack cabin is running solo today and has a special T-Rack themed day before Whippoorwill returns this afternoon. 


On the 28th, we had a joint Carnival with Eastside and Westside. Each cabin in camp that day picked and prepared a booth for other campers to participate in together. Booths included favorites such as splash ball, bowling, face painting, and even face pies! Campers collect beans (literally, dried beans) at the booths to pool together as a cabin to bid on prizes. Carnival is a beloved Chewonki tradition in which campers from all parts of camp get to have fun as one big group. 

Starch Madness!

On both sides we’ve been doing a “Starch Madness” competition. Campers each filled out a bracket (pictured here) and a staff represented each type of potato embodying the spirit of their potato type.

The staff then faced off in a rock, paper, scissor competition for each round against another potato. Campers got REALLY into cheering for their favorite potato throughout the week at meals. On Westside, the final was between Waffle Fries (Tasia- Westside Campus Head) and Tater Tots (Kenn- Activity Coordinator). Tater Tots took the final win and we’re celebrating with tater tots for lunch today! Eastside still has their semi-final and final rounds to go on Chewonki Games Day. 

Program Highlight: Farm

The Salt Marsh Farm is one of the magical spots on Chewonki Neck and a favorite activity for campers. Campers have been harvesting tomatoes, basil, and garlic scapes that are then brought to the kitchen and featured in our meals. 

Farm activity counselors, Katie and Siara, both of whom are Chewonki Maine Coast Semester alumni, shared this week they’ve also been harvesting calendula flowers and then use them to make salves and lotions as well as natural dyes. The Heron and Osprey campers participate in farm chores and a farm dinner as a special program. They start by feeding the animals they’re dinner, harvesting food they then cook and enjoy as a group at the farm. Cabins have been making pesto pasta, fresh veggie pasta or veggie quesadillas. 

We’re excited for another fun-filled week!

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