Please remember to complete your camper’s Health History Form on CampinTouch. If you completed the on-line Health History form in last year, you will only need to click through and confirm the details.

If your camper takes any daily over-the-counter medicines or prescriptions, please see the medication policy.

All campers must submit:

  • Record of their childhood immunizations.
    (Here is the list of the required immunizations for campers. You may have access to this on your patient portal.)
  • Record of their Covid-19 immunizations.
    (If Covid is listed on the immunization record, you can upload that record into the space for the Covid card as well.)
  • Physician Exam form.
    (If you submit a non-Chewonki form, please make sure it includes clearance for camp activities, not just school or sports.)

Other forms that may be necessary for your camper: 
(*requires a provider’s signature)

  • Psychotropic Medication Policy*
    (If your camper takes medication for ADHD or a mental
    health diagnosis.)
  • Non-food Allergy Action Plan*
    (If your camper has a severe allergy to stings, etc.)
  • Food Allergy Action Plan*
    (If your camper has a severe food allergy.)
  • Asthma Action Plan*
    (If your camper has an asthma diagnosis.)
  • Self Administered Emergency Med*
    (If you would like your camper to carry their own inhaler or epi-pen.)
  • Insurance Waiver
    (If your camper is not covered by a health insurance plan.)
  • Immunization Exemption Form*
    (If your camper is medically unable to be immunized.)


Contact our Health & Wellness Center

Phone: (207) 656-5869
Fax: (207) 882-9564

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