Full Session - Owls, Herons, and Ospreys, oh my!

Length: 3 Weeks

Ages: 10-15

Children, ages 10 to 15, may attend Camp Chewonki for a Full Session. This 3-week experience provides campers with an opportunity to learn and grow as part of a cabin group of eight campers and two cabin leaders. Campers spend time in camp developing skills and having fun in daily activities, participating in camp life and traditions, and building towards embarking on an exciting and challenging remote trip in the beautiful woods and waters of Maine. While new campers join us in every age group, we have designed our residential camp progression to increase in rigor with each successive summer to develop caring and confident leaders who are prepared with the skills to successfully graduate into our Leadership Expedition program.


10- and 11-year old campers are typically in their first or second summer at camp. They spend time learning the basics of how to make friends and share a living space with other people. We make sure Owls have a well-rounded schedule that introduces them to all of the activities and opportunities camp has to offer. The Owl remote trip is a 4-5 day canoe trip designed to build comfort and confidence paddling a boat and living in the outdoors.


12- and 13-year old campers are often coming to camp for a second or third summer and are warm and welcoming to their peers who may be experiencing Chewonki for the first time. At this age, campers are advancing their knowledge and skills in Chewonki’s activities and are provided new challenges to promote continued growth. The Heron age group is the first opportunity for campers to select how they will encounter the outdoors on their 6-7 day remote trip. 12-year olds and first year Herons can choose between a backpacking or sea kayaking adventure, while 13-year old and second year Herons may opt for a canoeing or whitewater kayaking trip.


14- and 15-year old campers are experienced Chewonki leaders. At this age, campers spend more time focused on a specific activity area and are learning advanced trip skills on an 8-9 day remote trip. 

14-year olds and first-year Ospreys have the option of sea kayaking or backpacking. 15-year olds and second-year Ospreys take part in our remarkable Allagash River Canoe trip.

While in camp, Ospreys are committed to leading by example, helping to organize special events or taking on additional community responsibilities like reading a bedtime story to one of the younger cabins.

Ready, Set, Summer!

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