The Art of the Hand-Written Letter

We believe the art of letter writing provides an avenue for deep and thoughtful communication between people. We provide campers the opportunity to write home at least once a week and they are welcome to write more. Families and campers cherish finding the letter from camp years later as a window back to their time at Chewonki. We are excited to welcome you to this Chewonki tradition.

We also encourage families to write to their campers. Campers love to receive mail. We recommend writing at least once a week and ask that families limit letters to no more than three per week. The best letters share news from home, express interest and enthusiasm for all the camper is experiencing and convey a sense of confidence. Avoid writing about how much the camper is missed to avoid triggering or worsening homesickness. It’s helpful to send a supply of stationary and properly self-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes with your camper. In this electronic age, we have found that many of our young participants are not familiar with the proper way to address an envelope. We encourage you to review this with them as they prepare for camp. The cabin name does not need to be included on the envelope.

Mailing Address for Campers

Camper Name
Program Name (i.e. Boys Camp, Girls Camp, Maine Coast Kayak)
Chewonki Foundation 485 Chewonki Neck Rd
Wiscasset, ME 04578

For international families or families with special circumstances that make it difficult to mail a letter, email may be sent to These messages will be printed and delivered to your child, but your child will not be able to reply by email. Please limit email messages to no more than 3 per week.

A Note About Care Packages

Although you are welcome to send a care package to your camper(s), due to individual allergies, and to ensure that cabins remain “critter-free,” care packages may not contain candy, food, or inappropriate items. 

Camp Newsletter

We send a Camp Chewonki Newsletter to our enrolled camp families to provide updates on the happenings on campus. You can expect to keep up with the latest from the Camp Office, Salt Marsh Farm, and the Wildlife Center. Every so often, we will include an activity you can do at home with your family. We always encourage you to take pictures for us to share in the next month’s newsletter so your friends can see what you’re up to. You can visit our website to find past newsletters.

Camp Photography

We strive to capture the camp experience through photography each summer. Our camp photographers take photos of campers, activities and camp goings-on each day and post curated sets online once a week to help families gain a glimpse of the wonderful time their campers are having at Chewonki. We also send cameras out on each of our leadership expeditions and, while our trip leaders and participants capture many incredible images in their journeys through the backcountry, it is important to understand that those photo sets will be available after the trip has returned to Wiscasset at the end of the session. We will have more information about how to access and view camp photos closer to the summer.

Visiting Camp

Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to accommodate general visitors at camp this summer. New families seeking a guided tour should contact our Admissions Office.