Emily Bell-Hoerth

Director, Camp Chewonki for Girls


1 (207) 656-1170
She, Hers, Her

Emily Bell-Hoerth grew up just down the road from Chewonki, in Bath, ME, where she came to Chewonki through the Outdoor Classroom program as a sixth grader. She returned to Chewonki in 2015 as a teacher in the Elementary and Middle School, where she taught grades 3 – 6 and served as the school music teacher. Beginning in 2018, Emily became the Program Director for Camp Chewonki for Girls’ 10-Day Camp experience, and stepped into the Camp Director role full time in the Fall of 2019. 

Emily holds a B.A. in Environmental Science with a focus in Biology and Outdoor Education from Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana. She worked as a naturalist and educator for the National Audubon Society, focusing on avian wildlife, and agriculture education. Emily is an experienced wilderness trip leader, with certifications in wilderness medicine, who has spent previous summers working at Darrow Wilderness Canoe Camp, and Farm and Wilderness. 

Emily and her partner, Nicky, live in Wiscasset, Maine, where they enjoy gardening, chopping wood, running, canoeing, and making their own maple syrup.

A Few Words From Emily

My favorite part of working with young people is witnessing them using their voices to express themselves, ask questions, and transform themselves and the world around them. Chewonki creates communities that aim to do exactly that. Not only is camp a place to grow as an individual, it asks each individual to contribute to the community.  Young people develop the skills to connect, collaborate and contribute, skills that serve them throughout their lives. Campers can experience new things, take risks they otherwise wouldn’t, and explore sides of themselves they might not have seen before. Summer camp was where I grew the most as a young person, and it was where I realized all the different strengths and gifts that I had to share with the world. My hope is to give that same experience to every camper that comes to Chewonki.

At Camp Chewonki for Girls, I hope to create a space where young women and girls can discover more about their inner selves and what being female means to each of them. In our outdoor setting, we strip away society’s expectations, and allow campers to self-express in ways they might not in their everyday lives. Each member of our community feels welcome and cherished for exactly who they are, not what they look like. At the end of each summer, we have created bonds and had experiences that carry us forth into the world with confidence in ourselves and what we are capable of.

Every summer I look forward to the wild fun and adventure that our campers fill the air with, as they splash and swim, run and play, and learn and grow. I can’t wait until the next time we can be gathered around the fire, with a song in the air, and love in our hearts.