St. Croix Canoe Trip

A Paddling Adventure

First-timer and experts alike will love the wild beauty of this famous canoe route through eastern Maine. 

Each group of participants receives careful instruction in canoeing, camping, and backcountry cooking. The joys and challenges of traveling with a small group through the natural landscape of Maine will create a sense of accomplishment that stays with participants for a lifetime.


At a Glance

Program Type: Canoeing
Length: 14 days
Trip 1: 6/25/2021 – 7/8/2021
Trip 2: 7/13/2021 – 7/26/2021
Trip 3: 7/31/2021 – 8/13/2021

What to Expect

The trip will start by paddling into Grand Lake where we’ll stay at a beachside campsite for a couple of days of learning camping skills and getting to know one another. We’ll teach everyone how to set up tents and other equipment, how to paddle and handle a canoe, how to cook over a campfire, and more. With a couple of days of flatwater and mild moving water experience behind us, we are ready to tackle a new challenge as we move on to the St Croix River.

This river has been traveled throughout history, first by the Passamaquoddy people who also paddled canoes and then as a way to float logs to the lumber mills located further downriver. Today the St. Croix remains a river of great beauty traveled by many paddlers. 


Memories for a Lifetime

The St Croix is a wonderful river on which to learn whitewater canoeing.  The river begins with quick water and then progresses through mild Class I  to Class II rapids. The short sets of rapids are interspersed with calm stretches of water that allow us to gain confidence and take in the beauty of this river that forms the border between Maine and Canada. Wildlife sightings of moose, deer, eagles, and loons are common.

By the end of the St. Croix Canoe Trip, participants return home with a new sense of accomplishment, friends that last a lifetime, and a glimpse into a vast new world of adventure. Our goal is to provide each individual with the confidence and skills to make the outdoors a cherished second home.

Meet the Director

Jen Adams

Director of Outdoor Programs
1 (207) 656-5836