Life-Changing Learning in Nature

Ages 8-18

Life-Changing Learning in Nature

Ages 8-18

Our Values


From stories around the campfire to sunset paddles along the shore, we build our summer camp community to share the challenges and fun as a team. Campers return summer after summer to reunite with old friends and dive into the next adventure. At Chewonki, we expect every member of the community to contribute with an “all hands on deck” attitude.


There are few things in life that help build character and self-awareness like life at summer camp. We work with our campers to embrace authenticity, develop new skills, take a break from the ordinary and reflect on who they are, and what they want to be. Camp is a wonderful chance to grow and discover new interests with the guidance of excellent role models and compassionate counselors.

Embracing the Natural World

Unplugging from the pace of modern life has become increasingly rare for kids. Time away at overnight camp allows for simple living and nearly every waking moment outdoors in the natural world. Camp Chewonki is founded on a love for ecology, wildlife, and learning about the relationship between humans and the world around us.

An overnight camp experience for girls and non-binary children, grades 2-8

An overnight camp experience for boys and non-binary children, grades 2-8

Backcountry Adventures in Maine and Canada for everyone, grades 8-12

Select a backcountry adventure you'll never forget!


Beginner Trips
(Completing Grades 8-9)

Maine Appalachian Trail Backpacking Trip

A two-week backpacking trip through the 100-mile wilderness and beyond.

Maine Northwoods Canoe Trip

A two-week canoeing adventure along the wild rivers of Maine.

Maine Coast Kayaking Trip

A two-week coastal kayaking adventure.

Canada Geese:

Intermediate Trips
(Completing Grades 9-11)

Quebec Canoeing Trip

A three-week intermediate whitewater canoe trip into the remote waterways of Canada

Gaspé Peninsula Backpacking Trip

A three-week intermediate backpacking trip to the Matane Reserve in eastern Quebec.

Boatbuilders Expedition

A five-week program that includes hand-building your own sea kayak and an expeditionary trip along the coast of Maine and Canada. 

Leaders-In-Training (Completing Grades 10-11)


A three-week program for young people interested in developing the leadership skills needed to serve at Chewonki and beyond!

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Alumni & Friends Sheep Pelt 2024 Giveaway

Ewes flash: we’re giving away 12 warm, fuzzy Chewonki sheep pelts to our alumni & friends on Wednesday, November 30. Wool you enter? We’ll sheep, oops, we mean “ship” pelts to winners, free of charge, anywhere in North America.

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