Maine Coast Kayaking Trip

For Grades 8-9

Our journey begins in the protected waters around Chewonki Neck in Wiscasset Maine, and as our skills and confidence increase, we travel to the spruce-covered islands of Penobscot Bay. Along the way we encounter seabirds, seals and, perhaps, whales. All while becoming part of the iconic Maine coast which includes busy working waterfronts, fishing boats on their rounds, and pristine pine-capped islands.

Let's go explore the coast of Maine!

Dates and Rates:

Program Dates: 

  • Group A: June 23, July 6
  • Group B: July 10 – July 23
  • Group C: July 28 – August 10

Length: 2 Weeks
Eligible Grades: 8th, 9th
Group Size: 8 students and 2 trip leaders
Starting Location: Wiscasset Maine
Cost: $3,920

Our Itinerary:

Starting from our home base on Chewonki Neck in Wiscasset, our participants spend the first few days in “paddle school” in and around Hockomock Bay, learning expeditionary sea kayaking skills, including paddling strokes, wet exits, rescue, group travel, and weather reading. As our trip progresses, students acquire expertise in island navigation and saltwater camping, and in turn, each will take on a leadership role, planning and directing the activity of the group.

Each night, we camp in tents at a different island along our route up the Maine coast, taking note of the local ecology as we go.  Our sea kayaks can ply waters where bigger sailing or fishing boats may not venture, and we often enjoy wonderful, more intimate, interactions with sea life. After plenty of paddling, the trip ends up in the breathtaking islands of Stonington where lobster boats and sandy beaches fill the 70+ island archipelago.

So many things to see and do!

It’s hard to pack all the excitement of a Chewonki experience into a short webpage, so we encourage you to reach out to our team for a phone call, or to schedule a tour in the off season. 

We hope to see you at camp next summer!

Countdown to Camp Chewonki!

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Essential Eligibility Information

Providing safe, equitable, and inclusive education programs is our purpose and mission. While we do not specialize in programming for people with disabilities, we welcome a diverse community of participants and we will seek safe, reasonable accommodations whenever possible.

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