How to Apply

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Submit your application through CampInTouch, our online booking system.
In your application, please be sure to select the grade your child is currently in for the 2023-2024 school year.
If you need assistance with the process please contact Toben Cooney-Callnan , Camp Administrator, or call 207-656-1170.

Step 2: Await Confirmation

Submitting an application form online does not automatically enroll your child in a Chewonki program. Once your application has been received, we will review it for appropriate program placement. Please note that we may contact you with questions to ensure the most appropriate program placement for your child or to make you aware of a waiting list for the program.

Please Note

A fully completed registration form, director approval, and a deposit is required to hold a program space. Deposits are non-refundable.*

Step 3: Receive Enrollment Confirmation

Once we have made a program determination and have processed your deposit, you will receive an acknowledgement letter formally welcoming your child to the program. In this letter, you will receive links back to our website for more information on getting your child ready for their Chewonki experience. Families intending to apply for financial aid will be sent a separate email at this time with instructions for applying and a link to our third-party financial aid service.

Step 4: Make Tuition Payments*

Our payment schedule is as follows: 

  • February 1 – half balance due
  •  May 1 – remaining balance due

Please Note

As a non-profit organization, we really appreciate families using the “Pay by Invoice” and “Pay by eCheck” options for all balance-due tuition. Credit card companies take up to 3% of your total payment as a fee, which can be as much as $80,000 each year. Those valuable dollars would otherwise go toward financial aid and program support. Thank you!

Financial Responsibility and Tuition Policy:

The parent/guardian agrees to pay tuition, including the deposit, in the amount and on the schedule stated below:


A non-refundable deposit for each applicant must accompany this registration form to guarantee placement if space is available. ($950 for all Full Session and Leadership Expedition programs, $600 for the Puffin Program.)
Families intending to apply for financial aid must pay a $100 non-refundable deposit. When a participant is confirmed for enrollment, we will send instructions for completing the financial assistance process. Financial aid funds are limited and will be awarded on a rolling basis, first come/first served.


The total tuition includes room, board, logistics, and group equipment for remote trips. The deposit will be credited towards the tuition for the chosen program.

Balance Due Payments: Half of the remaining tuition is due by February 1, and the balance is due by May 1. Please call our business office at (207) 656-5891 if you have any questions about tuition payments.


Our Refund Policy:

Program Cancellation:

  • If Camp Chewonki cancels a program, families will receive a full-tuition refund, including the deposit


Participant Cancellation:

  • Before Arrival/Pre-May 15: Should a family choose to withdraw their child from the program before May 15, the tuition is refundable, minus the non-refundable deposit.



  • During Camp/Post-May 15: Should a family choose to withdraw their child for part or all of their program after May 15, even if due to illness or injury, the tuition will not be refunded. In the case of illness or injury, however, 50 percent of the remaining prorated balance may be credited to another program the following summer.
  • Temporary Departures from Camp: In partnership with the family, we may agree to send a camper home temporarily for unexpected family issues, complex health conditions that cannot be treated at Chewonki, or brief pauses to improve camper behavior. Temporary departures are not eligible for refunds.



  • If we choose to send a camper home for any reason, including but not limited to breaking the conditions of our Participant Behavior Agreement, no refund will be issued.
  • We encourage you to visit this webpage to learn more about our participant guidelines including the Participant Behavior Agreement, Our Privacy Policy, the Essential Eligibility Criteria, and our Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • In the case of dismissal, participants will be removed from the program immediately and families must coordinate pick up for the participant and communicate plans with Chewonki within 6 hours of dismissal and participants must be picked up within 24 hours or a reasonable timeline as determined by Chewonki.



  • COVID-19 Cancellation Policy Addendum: we reserve the right to cancel, delay, substitute, or revise any program itinerary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  If Chewonki cancels programming prior to summer due to COVID we will refund tuition, including advance deposits.


Force Majeure:

  • Chewonki shall not be held liable for failure of or delay in performing its obligations hereunder if such failure or delay is the result of a force majeure, such as natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or flooding, etc.), biological outbreak (epidemic or pandemic), or in the case of war or actions of foreign enemies, labor dispute or strike, government imposed sanctions or restrictions, or failure of electrical service. Chewonki will attempt to meet its obligation and minimize the delay of performance.
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