Goals for Participants

Goals for Participants – Summer  

Chewonki inspires transformative growth, teaches appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, and challenges people to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives.

Joyful Service:

  • Campers will contribute to the community through daily acts of service, and
  • Campers will serve their community with a celebratory and joyful spirit.

Intellectual Engagement:

  • Campers will take ownership for their learning,
  • Campers will approach challenging problems with curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, and
  • Campers will be able to integrate their learning into a cohesive whole;

Community Involvement:

  • Campers will live a life of integrity and intention,
  • Campers will take initiative to improve their communities through individual and collective action, and
  • Campers will understand that we live in an interconnected world with limited resources;


  • Forming intelligent thoughts and insightful questions in verbal and/or written form, and
  • Mindfully listening to the thoughts of others;

Sense of Place:

  • Striving for a deeper understanding of the natural world and their place in it through focused observation of details, patterns, and connections;

Sense of Self:

  • Possessing a heightened understanding and acceptance of their individual talents, and limits, and
  • Transformative growth;

Skill Development:

  • Developing skills for living in the outdoors, and
  • Skills in communicating and living closely with others
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