Puffin Powers, Meanie Greenies, and Cardboard Canoes​

Puffin Powers, Meanie Greenies, and Cardboard Canoes

Everyone was so excited to welcome our Puffin campers for their 10-day session on Saturday! It was a super smooth arrival and the campers jumped right into camp life. They leave today on their canoe trip.

On the same day, those in camp had an exciting special event day. Eastside campers started their day with a rainbow counselor hunt which involved searching for counselors representing the colors of the rainbow to complete their cabin sign while avoiding the “greenie meanies.” 

They then competed in a “reverse auction” in which they had to take random items found in their cabin to fit categories like “item most likely to contain a genie” or “Item that would help you best survive on a deserted island.” Campers were very persuasive as they were pitching their items to the judges!

On Westside, campers participated in some “marine mayhem” throughout the day searching for horseshoe crab skeletons with our resident naturalist, Doc Fred and then building homemade “boats” using cardboard and other materials found in nature. In the afternoon, they “raced” their boats using their paddling skills developed in watercraft lessons. The “Floating Stone” won!

Today is the last full activity day of first session! It’s wild how the time has passed so quickly, but everyone is so excited for an action packed last couple of days- our final excursion day tomorrow with trips to Popham Beach, the Maine Maritime Museum, and Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Saturday is Chewonki Games Day and Sunday is Banquet!


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